President Obama signed legislation on January 10, 2013 that will provide him, former President George W. Bush and future presidents and their spouses with lifetime Secret Service protection.

Changes 10 year protection plan:  In the mid-1990s, Congress passed a law limiting post-presidential Secret Service protection to ten years after their term of office ended.  But in recognition of the changing times and increased risks, Congress re-established lifetime Secret Service protection for former and future former presidents.  Click here for more information.
Secret Service Code Names:  The U.S. Secret Service, charged with protecting the President and his family, gives code names to the commander-in-chief and family members.

Here are the code names for the Presidents starting with Dwight Eisenhower:

  • Dwight Eisenhower: Scorecard
  • John F. Kennedy:  Lancer
  • Lyndon Johnson: Volunteer
  • Richard Nixon: Searchlight
  • Gerald Ford:  Passkey
  • Jimmy Carter: Deacon
  • Ronald Reagan: Rawhide
  • George H.W. Bush:  Timberwolf
  • Bill Clinton:  Eagle
  • George W. Bush:  Trailblazer
  • Barack Obama: Renegade

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