101 Presidential Insults

From the founding fathers to the age of Trump, our presidents have dished out pointed and acerbic insults about other presidents. The presidents have labeled one another as dangerous, ignorant, liars, obstinate, selfish, unfit, vain, and weak.

We may laugh or wince as we read 101 Presidential Insults. Meticulously researched by presidential historian Mike Purdy, the book is a quick and fun read, but also thought-provoking and shocking at times – and a significant contribution to our understanding of the presidents.

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What Would You Say If You Met the President?

For nearly three years, many Americans have held their collective breath watching the unfolding instability erupting from the White House. As we witness the shattering of longstanding political and societal norms, we wonder if the next verbal attack or crisis will...

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The Value of Teaching History

The Plodding Through the Presidents blog recently sponsored a writing contest asking people to describe the value of teaching history. While I didn't win, I did receive an honorable mention recognition. The following is what I wrote: Why Teach History? In our modern...

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New Andrew Johnson Documents Discovered

Guest Blog Post: I’m pleased to publish this guest blog post written by Kendra Hinkle. Kendra is a Museum Specialist and Cultural Resource Manager at the Andrew Johnson National Historic Site in Greeneville, Tennessee where she has been employed for 23 years. She is a...

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Donald Trump is No James Monroe

When the vice-presidential candidates squared off against each other in the 1988 debate, Lloyd Bentsen delivered one of the sharpest political blows ever landed on an opponent. Republican Dan Quayle was proudly touting his years of experience and equating them with...

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Two Tense Transitions

One of the hallmarks of our democracy is the peaceful transfer of power from one president to another, reaching back to March 4, 1797 when George Washington turned over the reigns of power to John Adams. And while the inauguration of a new president has always been...

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A Voter’s Guide to Evaluating Presidential Candidates

The first Democratic debates raise the question of what voters should be looking for in evaluating candidates. Rather than merely supporting a candidate because of their promises (often unrealistic) and how closely their policy positions pass the litmus test of party...

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History Matters

"History is drama. History is human interactions. And I think we as a society and as a country are poorer if we do not know it, and if we don't in fact learn from it." This is part of what I said in my interview by The Clio Foundation. I was interviewed by them in...

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How the Specter of Andrew Johnson Haunts Donald Trump

A drama of monumental proportions and historic significance is unfolding every day in Washington, DC. There are endless predictions and speculation by politicians, pundits, and the people about whether Donald Trump will join the ranks of Andrew Johnson and Bill...

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Portrait-ShortMike Purdy is a presidential historian and author of 101 Presidential Insults: What They Really Thought About Each Other – and What It Means to Us. As an expert in presidential history and frequent media commentator on presidential history and politics, Mike runs PresidentialHistory.com as a public resource. He lives in Seattle, Washington. 


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