On Monday, August 24, 2015, I moderated a one hour Twitter chat on presidential history with social studies and history teachers from across the country (primarily middle school and high school).  It was a fun opportunity to interact with these dedicated teachers on how to effectively communicate our rich history of presidents to their students.

Read the chat:  An archive of the complete conversation or chat is available at https://storify.com/42ThinkDeep/sschat-presidential-history.

My Questions:  After each person introduced themselves, we discussed the following questions that I developed:

  1. Which presidents serve as a good (and bad) role model for students and why?
  2. How is a president’s faith relevant or not important to being president? How do you discuss & handle this in the classroom?
  3. Effective presidents are often good negotiators. How can presidential examples help teach negotiation skills to your students?
  4. What is the proper role for former presidents & which man has done the best & worst job at this? What would your students say?
  5. What is the best presidential history website, or what online presidential information would be most helpful for you?
  6. What are best presidential biographies you’ve read & why? What presidential bios are good for the grades you teach?
  7. How do you explain controversial presidential elections (1824, 1876, 1960, 2000) to your students?

Questions on Google Drive:  The questions are also available on a Google Drive document at:  http://bit.ly/1eD0hEr

Your Opinion?  What are your answers to some of these questions?