I recently wrote an Op-Ed for TheHill.com entitled “Impeachment without conviction plays right into Trump’s hands.” There are three broad options regarding impeachment:

  1. Impeach Now: The House of Representatives should impeach the president now because this is a moment in history that demands that the breakdown of democratic institutions not go unchallenged.
  2. Don’t Impeach Now: The House should not impeach the president because, without a broad consensus in the Senate to convict, impeachment would play into Trump’s hands as being persecuted by the media and liberals, something that would play well with his base.
  3. Investigate and Withhold Judgment for Now:The House should continue to investigate the president without moving toward impeachment until there is a broad national and congressional consensus.  Click here to read my Op-Ed.

The online publication, Outside the Beltway, quoted extensively and favorably from my article in TheHill.com in their article entitled “Just Say No To Impeachment (For Now).” Click here to read the article.