It is a vast understatement  to say that we are living in the midst of earth-shaking, historic, scary, and unprecedented times as a nation and as a world – as we collectively struggle with the impacts of the deadly Coronavirus.

A New Reality: We are witnessing in real time the disruptive upheaval of the very foundations of society as businesses shut down, as we isolate ourselves from physical contact with others and practice social distancing, as the market gyrates in a fearful downward trend, and as our political world becomes even crazier.

My March 19, 2020 Lecture: Along with my friend, Dr. Michael Artime (chair of the Political Science Department at Pacific Lutheran University), we presented a virtual lecture last week, the third in our series entitled “2020: Battle for the Soul of America.” The 1.5 hour lecture was recorded and can be watched by clicking here, taking you to my website. In the lecture series, (the first two of which were before a live audience of 130 people at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington), we examine key issues related to the presidential election coming in November this year. In our March 19th lecture, we try to provide some context and perspective to the constant drama unfolding before our eyes.

Outline of the Lecture: Here’s a quick outline of the topics we covered:

  • Has Anything Changed Since the Last Lecture on February 6th? (the short answer is: a lot!)
  • How Might the Coronavirus Affect the Election?
  • How has the Government Responded to the Coronavirus?
  • The Role of Presidential Moral Leadership
  • What Could Go Wrong?

Our Concerns and Gratefulness: I know I speak for all of us when I say that our hearts go out to those who are negatively impacted by the virus.

  • For those who are sick with the Coronavirus.
  • For the family of those who have passed away.
  • For those who are socially isolated.
  • For those who have lost their jobs or have had to close their businesses and are severely impacted financially the loss of income.
  • For those who are afraid.
  • For those dealing with the challenges of managing children who are out of school while trying to work from home.
  • We’re grateful for our medical professionals who are working so hard to keep us healthy, and the workers who are at the polling places across the nation ensuring fair and open primary and general elections.

Practicing Social Distancing: As you practice social distancing, perhaps you find yourself in need of being entertained. If you haven’t already done so, you can buy a copy of my book entitled “101 Presidential Insults: What They Really Thought About Each Other – and What It Means to Us.” It’s an easy, fun, short, and shocking read. It’s available online from Amazon and Barnes & Noble, so you don’t even have to leave your house to order a copy!