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On September 27, 2016, I had a free-ranging 30 minute interview on Chicago-based WCGO radio (1590) on the presidents and vice-presidents, with comments about the tone of the current 2016 presidential campaign, including what president I thought would beat either... read more

George Washington as America’s First Spymaster

In today’s world, we hear a lot about espionage, with computer hacking being a daily occurrence, electronic surveillance, eavesdropping, and human ground intelligence in our increasingly complex and dangerous world.  Spying is big business and governments use it... read more

Who Was the First Woman to Run for President?

We’ve heard a lot in the media lately about Hillary Clinton being the first woman nominated to run for president on a major party ticket. It’s important to remember that her accomplishment relates to being the first for a major party.

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3 Reasons Why the Vice-Presidency Matters

“My country,” a frustrated John Adams once wrote about the vice presidency, “has in its wisdom contrived for me the most insignificant office that ever the invention of man contrived or his imagination conceived.”  He has not been alone throughout our... read more

What Voters & States Will Elect the Next President?

Winning the Presidency involves an understanding of changing demographics and identifying constituencies likely to support a candidate.  But it also involves campaigning strategically in key battleground states in order to win the Electoral College, which ultimately... read more

Media, Marketing, and the Making of the President

Every four years, the American people elect a President.  And while we hope that the voters look at the policy positions of the candidates, their temperament and suitability for the office, their experience and qualifications, the fact is that running for President... read more

How Accurate Are the Polls?

Polling is a regular part of modern presidential campaigns.  But just how accurate are they?  What have been some of the times when polls have not reflected reality, and why have these errors occurred?  What is the methodology that is used in developing a scientific... read more

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